Raccoons and Wildlife Removal & Decontamination

A Team Raccoon Services are experts when it comes to wildlife removal inside your home or place of business.  A full service raccoon and wildlife removal and remediation servicing company that is insured, bonded, and licensed offering the most effective solution to suit your needs.

Since raccoons are carriers of hazardous diseases covered in the raccoon diseases section; it is without a doubt that these wild animals must be handled by a professional.  Before any process is started our technicians must be completely aware of the complete findings of the initial inspection.  With all the necessary information from the initial visit, our raccoon consultants will work closely with our decontamition specialists crew to design a plan.  Our main concern is to fully execute a decontimination process plan to ensure our customers safety.  Our team is fully aware that by failing to the proper steps of cleaning and decontamination the affected areas can lead to spread of these diseases in humans that can cause serious health hazard.  Therefore, we will ensure that with every job, our team will dedicate 100% commitment throughout the decontamination process.

Raccoon waste removal

 A Team Services Inc.

A Team Services a California based company takes raccoon and wildlife control in a refreshing new direction.  A full service of removal and remediation company, A Team Services can assist you from start to finish when it comes to removal and cleaning of raccoons and wildlife contamination.

Raccoon Diseases

As raccoons can transmit some of the deadly diseases, certain precautions are essential once these wild animals have occupied a space in your property.Get your pets vaccinated against rabies and leptospirosis to protect them from any transmission of such raccoon diseases. The pets should be kept indoors as raccoons can act as a predator for some animals such as fowl or birds. Blocking all food sources of raccoons by covering the garbage cans, removing pet food or bird seeds from their access, sealing all openings or holes in the attic or gardens may prevent raccoons from living in these areas.Bright light and loud noise also, tends to scare away the raccoons so try lighting a bright lantern or placing a loud radio to keep the raccoons away.

Let A Team Raccoon Services help you. Our raccoon and wild animal control team is here keep your family safe from any hazardous contamination that they have left behind.  We offer free consultation and guarantee our work.


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