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Raccoon Removal Attic and Crawlspace

Raccoons in the attic, crawlspace or any other part of the house or building can pose a lot of dangers to the occupants  as well as the pets; hence, they need to be tackled with care. After all, they are dangerous wild animals that carry various parasites and diseases such as leptospirosis that can be transmitted to adults, children and even pets. Apart from the mess they create by digging holes in the garden, shredding the roof, urinating and defecating everywhere, raccoons can even destroy the insulation ordamage the cooling systems,vents etc. Though they normally do not attack but due to their wild nature, slight provocation can turn them into a highly aggressive creature when they bite, scratch or claw the living beings around. The excretory products of raccoons cause additional threat as it spreads a number of zoonotic diseases such as raccoon roundworm. Contact with them can expose one to various other diseases like leptospirosis, rabies, or parasitic infestations like mange.Due to these dangers of raccoons, they should be removed from their inhabiting place as soon as possible but since they are wild animals, they should be handled with extreme care. Thus, raccoon removal is a very critical task that requires the involvement of an expert team specialized in such handlings.


Raccoon waste removal

Finding raccoons in the attics or crawlspaces іs no fun, but it's not а situation to be entirely too concerned but, as long as there is а professional raccoon removal company like us that can handle іt. It іs vеrу crucial to not wait and contact а us to take care of а observe any raccoon infestation problem inside a home or commercial office. The longer the raccoons are colonizing inside, the mar extensive and costly the damages саn be. Raccoons like attics and crawl spaces bесаusе іt іs а warm shelter that рrоvіdеs them а healthy breeding and feeding ground. Has іs common in homes nеаr wooded areas and lots.The raccoons саusе quіtе а mess bесаusе the accumulation of thе urine, droppings, and feeding debris saturates the wood, floor, sheetrock, and insulation in attics. The mar saturation thru іs, the mar costly the repairs and replacements will be. Therefore, once we you notice any unwanted raccoon activities or signs of raccoon infestation it is imperative to get immediate assistance. From wildlife animal removal to prevention, clean-ups, restorations, repairs, replacements, and exclusion practices A Team Raccoon Services is here to fully assist you.  Call us today to speak with one of raccoon specialist at 888-411-6543.

Raccoon Diseases

As raccoons can transmit some of the deadly diseases, certain precautions are essential once these wild animals have occupied a space in your property.Get your pets vaccinated against rabies and leptospirosis to protect them from any transmission of such raccoon diseases. The pets should be kept indoors as raccoons can act as a predator for some animals such as fowl or birds. Blocking all food sources of raccoons by covering the garbage cans, removing pet food or bird seeds from their access, sealing all openings or holes in the attic or gardens may prevent raccoons from living in these areas.Bright light and loud noise also, tends to scare away the raccoons so try lighting a bright lantern or placing a loud radio to keep the raccoons away.


Let A Team Raccoon Services help you. Our raccoon control team is here keep your family safe from any hazardous contamination that they have left behind.  We offer free consultation and guarantee our work.


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