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After we remove the Raccoons safely from the house premises, we will conduct effective cleaning of the entire premises, where they have been dwelling to remove the contaminated insulation, drywall, air ducts  and repair all raccoon damaged areas. A decontamination process is executed to ensure the house is not only free from wildlife creatures, but also from the germs, lice, ticks, tuberculosis, tapeworms and others. 

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Dangers of Raccoons | Diseases and Virus'

The raccoon is a mammal that is a native of North America. It has two highly distinctive features which are the flat facial mask and its paws which are very dexterous. The raccoon is known to be a highly adaptable animal and hence though it was initially found only in the deciduous and other forests, it is now commonly seen in regions inhabited by people. One of the greatest drawbacks of the presence of raccoons in the regions where inhabited by people is that the raccoon being very easily prone to various diseases, it can spread the disease to the humans thereby affecting human population to a great extent. Apart from the spread of Raccoon diseases they are also very violent that means they can bite or scratch causing serious injuries and if the raccoon is a carrier of a disease then it is highly possible that the disease can spread to humans due to the attacks.

The Different Types of Raccoon Diseases

Raccoons being prone to various diseases can easily transmit the same to humans and some of the serious diseases include:

  • • Rabies: One of the type of raccoon diseases that is caused by the spread of virus and sometimes it can be quite fatal. The bite of the animal if infected can be a cause to spread the disease. The saliva of the infected animal comes into contact with the wound which results in the infection being passed on. It is mandatory that any raccoon bite or scratch should be reported to the Department of Public Health for proper examination for Rabies.
  • • Roundworm or Baylisascaris: This is a typical disease that raccoons are carriers of and which is very easy spread by raccoons to humans. Usually the feces of the raccoon is what is infected with the eggs of the roundworm which can cause infection in human if the eggs come in contact with humans. The risk is high in elderly people when they are on a walk in the gardens and in children when playing outdoors.
  • • Leptospirosis: Anothertype of raccoon diseases that is spread by the raccoon. The bacteria of the disease is usually present in the urine of the raccoon and when human come in contact with it, they get infected with it. Pets and children are usually at a higher risk in contacting the disease.

Effective Preventive methods

  • • Report the presence of the raccoons in your neighborhood to theraccoon removal authorities • Never encourage the presence in the neighborhood by feeding them or allowing them inside the house as these acts are potential health hazards • Always keep the garbage bins covered and within a closed premise.
  • • Ensure that the barbeque grills if kept in the garden or backyard, are covered well and make sure to clean them well before use.
  • • Vaccinate pets to protect them from infections like rabies.

For better health and protection, it is best to avoid the presence of raccoons in the neighbourhood and in the premises of your home. And reporting their presence is extremely important.

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