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Raccoons in the attic

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Raccoon Diseases

Often looked at as one of the most beautiful wild animals; don't let them deceive you.  Raccoons are known to carry rabies, baylisascaris procyonis,  giardiasis, and leptospirosis.   If raccoons have been inside your attic or crawlspace and have left their waste behind, there is a large chance that they have also contiminated your home with these virus and diseases.


Raccoons In Home

Raccoons are smart and strong animals that can get into your home easily if it is not properly secured.  Often when raccoons are looking for shelter they are known to rip through roofs and screening of homes.  Therefore, the importance of ensuring that all entry points are properly secured and tamper proof  are necessary so that they are not able to invade the home.


Remediation Process

Raccoon removal and clean up is not an easy process.  In order to properly remidiate and ensure that these wild animals do not return, it is a must to  completely inspect the contaminated areas as well as determine which permanent solution that will keep these creatures out of the property. In which includes the use of proper detterent and closure potential of access points.


Removing Raccoons

When removing raccoons, one must understand that these creatures are wild animals that carry life threatening virus and diseases.  Raccoons are known to carry rabies and  have been known to attack especially if they feel threatened.  Failing to take the proper precautions to contain these animals can be very dangerous especially if bitten by one.


It іs very crucial to not wait and contact а professional to take care if а raccoon infestation problem.  The longer thе raccoons are colonizing in your home or business, thе more extensive and costly thе damages can be.  Raccoons are attracted to attics and/or crawlspaces bесаusе it is а warm shelter that рrоvіdеs them а healthy breeding and feeding ground.  These raccoons usually саusе quіtе а mess by urinating, defecating and leaving feeding waste saturating into the wood, sheetrock, and insulation in attics in which can be hazardous to humans breathing in the contaminated air.   Therefore, if you see or hear signs of raccoon activities we highly suggest for you to call and schedule a free inspection for the safety of you and your family and / or before the raccoon damage becomes larger. 

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